Welcome to Worldwide Dog Registry! We're an American Pit Bull Terrier registry with more then 29 years experience with the breed.  W.W.D.R takes great pride in your dogs and promoting responsible pet ownership.  The services offered are Single, Dual, Litter and Kennel registration for your Pit Bull. Check out our single registration fees starting at $10.00, we are currently the most  affordable of any Pit Bull registry.  We are dedicated to providing you with reasonable rates, friendly and personable customer service emphasizing on accuracy and reliability. The W.W.D.R guarantee all paperwork is mailed out within 3 to 4 weeks from the time the application is received with no rush fee's attached. W.W.D.R does now offers the following 24 HOUR SUPER RUSH all info on that can be found on the single registration page! We look forward to registering your dogs with Worldwide Dog Registry. Ownership of the A.P.B.T feel free to also view our stock Bolio, Redboy, Jocko, bred dogs by clicking 376 Kennels tab while here. Thank you for visiting and owning the greatest dog of modern times THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER.
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