Litter Registration

The fee to  register a litter is $5.00 plus $1.00 per pup, both Sire and Dam must be registered with W.W.D.R  If they are not registered with us, you may send in a single registration application at the same time you send in the litter application.  Once we receive the paperwork and complete the application process, you will receive the new certificates for the litter as well as the Sire and Dam.  

If  the owner of  the Sire is different from the owner of the litter the owner of the Sire must fill out and sign the service certificate on the bottom of the litter application form before the litter can be registered.  Same applies if the owner of the litter is different then the owner of the Dam.
When you register your litter, please make sure you include every puppy in the entire litter when completing the litter application.  If any puppy in that specific litter is not registered through the litter application, they can not be registered.    

All litters over one year old can not be registered through the litter application. Instead they must be registered with the single registration application

Download Litter Application Form: Worldwide_Dog_Registry_Litter_Application.pdf
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